The Program

The Australia 3.0 National Virtual Roundtable will be held online from June to July to discuss and debate the hot issues across four sectors.

Challenges are identified and scoped in early August, with datasets gathered, positions crafted and teams signed up. Australia 3.0 hits Melbourne for 2 days to catalyse ideas into collaborative action.

The A3.0 Ideas Day on Thursday 28 August kicks off with ideation sessions and the hackfest. The A3.0 Solutions Day on Friday 29 August opens with the Australia 3.0 Plenary then streams resume their deliberations only to break for the iAwards VIP Networking Lunch.

Finally the hackfest teams will present their solutions at NICTA Techfest and the A3.0 Wrap Up finishes the day before the iAwards Gala Dinner. All held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

A3.0 Program

         Dates                       Event                                  Activities
June – July A3.0 Virtual Roundtable
  • A3.0 Streams
  • Online debate and discussion
  • Weekly polls on hot topics
  • Propositions
12 August A3.0 Challenge Prep
  • Stream Teams
  • Datasets
  • Position Papers

28 August

A3.0 Ideas Day
  • A.30 Kick off
  • Ideation sessions
  • Hackfest on traffic and transport
  • Policy roundtable

29 August

A3.0 Solutions Day
  • Australia 3.0 Plenary
  • iAwards VIP Networking Lunch
  • Hackfest teams present their solutions at NICTA Techfest
  • A3.0 Wrap Up and Communiqué

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