The Lucky Country Disrupted: Innovation, Collaboration and Competition in a 21st century Australia

In his first statement after becoming Australia’s new prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull  urged Australians to embrace disruption. “We have to recognise that the disruption that we see driven by technology, the volatility in change is our friend if we are agile and smart enough to take advantage of it.”  Opposition leaders, meanwhile, in recently announcing several policy initiatives to foster Australia asan innovative, “startup nation” have also called for a new era of bi-partisanship. Behind all this is the realisation that Australia has reached a tipping point. After more than a decade of stalled productivity, the end of a twenty year mining boom, a reversal in Australia’s terms of trade and fears of rising unemployment, Australia’s challenge is to transition from the industrial era to the information era.

Australia’s ability to compete requires more than just growing the crop and yield of Australia’s ambitious internet, software and IP-driven startups. Our traditional industries and companies in mining, agriculture and services must also become 21st century versions of themselves. Entrepreneurship and technological expertise must be core to our cultural, educational and economic progression.

How will Australia embrace new approaches to collaboration, competition and regulation in the hyper-competitive global digital economy? How will we measure success along the way?

Aus 3.0 is delighted to invite you to a provocative and practical panel discussion exploring the challenges and opportunities for a country in transition.

Sandy PlunkettSandy Plunkett, Innovation Technology Consultant and National Committee member of the Pearcey Foundation, will moderate the 2015 Australia 3.0 Forum on Monday 16 November in Sydney at Data61 CSIRO. Register now. 

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