2013 Government Services Stream

2013 Australia 3.0 Government Services stream examined what the obstacles to digital transformation are across the public sectorIn a digital society, with access to information at our fingertips, we expect governments to be more open, more accountable and more efficient. Increasingly we demand that government services be available ‘anywhere, anytime’, similar to many other business … Continue reading 2013 Government Services Stream

Australian Success in the Digital Economy

The advent of the global Digital Economy should be seen as nothing less significant than the Industrial Revolution or the introduction of electricity. Australia is comparatively well placed to excel in the Digital Economy as a result of our knowledge capable workforce, natural innovative mindset, and relative economic strengths coming out of the GFC. The … Continue reading Australian Success in the Digital Economy

Australia 3.0 Health

2013 Australia 3.0 Health stream examines obstacles to digital transformation within the sector.Australia is increasingly facing a number of healthcare challenges. Continued population growth, demands for increased access to high-quality healthcare, an aging population, shortage of clinicians, and increasing budgetary pressures in healthcare institutions are just some of the issues faced by an already budget-constrained … Continue reading Australia 3.0 Health