A3.0 Government Services Program for 2014

A3.0 Government Services Program for 2014Objective: establish a collaborative forum of stakeholders committed to identifying sustainable new approaches to public service innovation through a Government Services Innovation Hub connecting digital, data and democracy.2 days of focused collaboration to empathise, ideate, prototype and test lead by Abul Rizvi and Ian Oppermann. Facilitators Abul RizviFormer Deputy Secretary, Digital Economy, … Continue reading A3.0 Government Services Program for 2014

2013 Government Services Stream

2013 Australia 3.0 Government Services stream examined what the obstacles to digital transformation are across the public sectorIn a digital society, with access to information at our fingertips, we expect governments to be more open, more accountable and more efficient. Increasingly we demand that government services be available ‘anywhere, anytime’, similar to many other business … Continue reading 2013 Government Services Stream