Australia 3.0 Infrastructure

2013 Australia 3.0 Infrastructure stream examined obstacles to digital transformation are across key areas of the economy.The immense opportunity for digital economy-style value increase in Australia’s Infrastructure sector requires a new paradigm of decision making engaged with technology innovation, ubiquitous information and insightful fact-based optimisation. The value-for-money, cost savings and infrastructure solutions Australia is looking … Continue reading Australia 3.0 Infrastructure

Australia 3.0 Health

2013 Australia 3.0 Health stream examines obstacles to digital transformation within the sector.Australia is increasingly facing a number of healthcare challenges. Continued population growth, demands for increased access to high-quality healthcare, an aging population, shortage of clinicians, and increasing budgetary pressures in healthcare institutions are just some of the issues faced by an already budget-constrained … Continue reading Australia 3.0 Health

Australia 3.0 Mining

2013 Australia 3.0 Mining Group examined obstacles to digital transformation within the sectorThe next generation improvements in mine productivity are likely to come from innovations in the digital economy, especially in the fields of automation and integration of the overall knowledge base seamlessly across the mining value chain. Digital productivity is core to this vision … Continue reading Australia 3.0 Mining