2014 Infrastructure

Infrastructure – all those roads, bridges, airports and more – how to use them better, build them better and fund them is one of the hottest topics today.  The G20 identified it as a $40 trillion dollar opportunity. At the same time we are getting cheaper sensors of all kinds that are easy to network, … Continue reading 2014 Infrastructure

2014 Mining

The Australian mining industry faces some significant challenges over productivity and sustainability (social licence to operate).  Decreasing ore grades, deeper mines, higher input costs and complex regulation have all contributed to declining productivity and hence reducing our global competitive advantage.  The mining industry needs to also maintain the confidence of the communities in which they … Continue reading 2014 Mining

2014 Health

Future health systems will be influenced by a number of factors outside the control of health system leaders. Recent research identified six critical uncertainties that might significantly reshape the context in which health systems form and operate in were identified: Attitudes towards solidarity Origins of governance Organization of the health innovation system Access to health … Continue reading 2014 Health

2014 Government Services

  Capitalising on Australia’s “data opportunity’ is the focus of the Government Services stream at Australia 3.0 in 2014. Run as an ‘ideation’ session for a thoughtful dialogue on the future role of technology in driving better Government service delivery outcomes by use of Big Data Analytics and Open Data analysis. Related underpinning issues such … Continue reading 2014 Government Services

Australia 3.0 Government Services

2013 Australia 3.0 Government Services stream examined what the obstacles to digital transformation are across the public sectorIn a digital society, with access to information at our fingertips, we expect governments to be more open, more accountable and more efficient. Increasingly we demand that government services be available ‘anywhere, anytime’, similar to many other business … Continue reading Australia 3.0 Government Services

Australia 3.0 Health

2013 Australia 3.0 Health stream examines obstacles to digital transformation within the sector.Australia is increasingly facing a number of healthcare challenges. Continued population growth, demands for increased access to high-quality healthcare, an aging population, shortage of clinicians, and increasing budgetary pressures in healthcare institutions are just some of the issues faced by an already budget-constrained … Continue reading Australia 3.0 Health

Australia 3.0 Mining

2013 Australia 3.0 Mining Group examined obstacles to digital transformation within the sectorThe next generation improvements in mine productivity are likely to come from innovations in the digital economy, especially in the fields of automation and integration of the overall knowledge base seamlessly across the mining value chain. Digital productivity is core to this vision … Continue reading Australia 3.0 Mining

Farewell to the “Fair Go” in the age of Trump and the Internet?

Not Like America: How Australia can avoid the Trump effect by Sandy Plunkett and Joanne Gray  “Australians don’t want the income inequality, the corporate tax avoidance, high cost of healthcare, dysfunctional education programs and social problems that have become prevalent in America,” former ACTU secretary David Oliver says. The Twitter feeds lit up with indignation last … Continue reading Farewell to the “Fair Go” in the age of Trump and the Internet?

Vale Ian Birks

Ian Birks was a rarity in our industry as he truly lived an ethos of collaboration. As an association leader he understood the value of working together to achieve a common purpose. It was his leadership of ASR and AIIA and as Chair of various entities that brought together often competing interests across industry, research … Continue reading Vale Ian Birks

Plans for 2015

It may be summer holidays but the team at Australia 3.0 are already planning activities for 2015. The Government Services and eHealth Streams and organising a February Workshop in Sydney to get the year underway. Background Australia 3.0 is an annual set of events, which seeks to develop new solutions for complex issues critical to Australia’s development … Continue reading Plans for 2015

A3.0 Government Services Program for 2014

A3.0 Government Services Program for 2014Objective: establish a collaborative forum of stakeholders committed to identifying sustainable new approaches to public service innovation through a Government Services Innovation Hub connecting digital, data and democracy.2 days of focused collaboration to empathise, ideate, prototype and test lead by Abul Rizvi and Ian Oppermann. Facilitators Abul RizviFormer Deputy Secretary, Digital Economy, … Continue reading A3.0 Government Services Program for 2014