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Digital Transformation – Australia 3.0

Digital transformation is already causing massive structural impact in many industries, most notably evident in some high-profile sectors such as banking and finance, media, retailing and music distribution. These are not one-offs. The pace of digital transformation effects will continue even more aggressively into the near future, accelerated by ubiquitous high-speed broadband and ever improving smart mobile devices.

Organisations that win in the digital era are planning and delivering enabling technologies right across their business models and they are reinventing their business models as they go. Information and telecommunications technologies have changed how we can design our organisations. As well, in recent years digitalisation and global connectivity are changing the way we work, learn and live making this the most strategic shift in how our economy works. It will also be one of the major thrusts to reverse the recent sizeable reduction in our productivity.

Innovative use of technology proposals are most likely to be accepted by a leadership team and a governing body (ie board) who comprehend and actively engage in digital leadership. Senior executives and board members who not only understand but also engage with the concepts of the digital future, recognise their potential to increase and improve our nation’s competitiveness. Leadership teams who are digital-savvy are almost always consummate business leaders, well versed in all of the critical disciplines required to build and run a successful enterprise. Digital leadership is not confined to the executive teams; the opportunity to innovate is driven out into the organisation.

Australia 3.0 has selected four streams to examine the opportunities  for digital transformation within each of these sectors.

At various times, teams of ‘thought leaders ’ are assembled to articulate their views on the digital economy and its intersection with organisations in these key sectors. The teams  identify and document  views in relation to the gaps or obstacles to the adoption of technology, policies governments should contemplate facilitating in this digital transformation, what industry itself can do to address the challenges, plus many more issues. These documents form the baseline for online discussion and debate and workshopped into Communiques for future collaboration.

Australia 3.0 represents a unique opportunity for informed and action-oriented debate about how the Australian economy can react to the age of digital transformation and positively shape future productivity and competitiveness. The Australia 3.0 committee continually  reach out to industry associations across these verticals to engage their membership in discussions.You cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to be part of this process.

Acknowledgement to Mark Toomey “The Infonomics newsletter” and his writings on Digital leadership & Digital Transformation

Mining Colin Farrelly
Health Denis Tebbutt
Infrastructure Dean Economou
Government Services Ian Oppermann
Chair Wayne Fitzsimmons
Program Manager Kelly Hutchinson