Australia 3.0 Communiqué

collage aus 30 communiqueWhat is the Australia 3.0 Communiqué

Australia 3.0 leverages the collective wisdom of an invitation only grouping of some of Australia’s leading Technology and Innovation thinkers and most experienced professionals to develop insight into the pivotal issues that will impact Australia’s ability to succeed in the global digital economy.

A three month long dialogue focussed around the opportunities, threats and systemic barriers for Australia’s digital economic future culminates in the endorsement of a series of targeted communiqués by a plenary gathering of over 300 of Australia’s most eminent IT industry leaders.

Australia 3.0 is one of the Industry’s peak thought leadership events hosted by the Pearcey Foundation, the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), CSIRO, NICTA, and the Federal Department of Innovation.

The Australia 3.0 2013 communiqué has been developed, refined and formally endorsed through the Australia 3.0 process online and offline culminating in endorsement and formal launch at a plenary forum operating as part of the 2013 iAwards ceremonies held at Crown Casino, Melbourne on August 8th.

Australian Success in the Digital Economy

The advent of the global Digital Economy should be seen as nothing less significant than the Industrial Revolution or the introduction of electricity. Australia is comparatively well placed to excel in the Digital Economy as a result of our knowledge capable workforce, natural innovative mindset, and relative economic strengths coming out of the GFC.

The Digital Economy can be seen in terms of economic efficiencies, in terms of trade, or in productivity terms.

It has been said that, rounded for error, 100% of humanity’s productivity increases have come from Innovation, and 0% from regulation. The rate of adoption – embracing or missing – this opportunity for Digital Innovation will set up Australia’s wealth for the next major wave of global economic development.

Anything that can be done should be done to lift the rate of Digital Innovation across the whole economy.

Now is the most cost effective time to embrace innovation!

The Communiqué

The Australia 3.0 communiqué has been structured to have a general Cross-Industry systemic focus, plus a sector-by-sector series of recommendations addressing the needs of
a) Mining,
b) Infrastructure,
c) Health, and
d) Government services.

Communications are targeted at Government, Boards and senior executives across each of the streams, Innovation and ICT professionals and service providers, and the general public.

Communiqués are made up of key recommendations that are practical and actionable by the audience to which they will be delivered.

Where possible, recommendations are supported by a 1-2 page strategy paper which begins the process of defining the case for action for each of the recommendations.

Initially we have focused these Strategy Papers on the background context and reasons for each recommendation.  They will later be expanded to include: how we believe the recommendation is best addressed, what successful achievement looks like, who needs to be engaged in the process, what resources might be required, who is accountable to achieve it, how it will be measured and how it should be reported, deployed and re-engaged to the industry it serves.

Background Analysis document is provided for each stream provides a broad narrative of the situation, opportunities, threats and systemic issues at play. These papers anchor their opinions with references to articles, published papers, and insight from leading professionals.


The Australia 3.0 forum is constituted to reach out across vital areas of the Economy to contribute the voice of deeply experienced technology professionals to envision, and smooth the path to a shared future. We welcome further engagement from all quarters, in progressing the ideas debated within our community, or, in participating and contributing insightful technology perspectives into initiatives being led by others.

Calls for action in any area in which already has momentum in other forums, from other perspectives, or within other sectors should be considered as an open invitation to seek active participation and contribution from an engaged industry of technology thought leaders.

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