Farewell to the “Fair Go” in the age of Trump and the Internet?

Not Like America: How Australia can avoid the Trump effect by Sandy Plunkett and Joanne Gray  “Australians don’t want the income inequality, the corporate tax avoidance, high cost of healthcare, dysfunctional education programs and social problems that have become prevalent in America,” former ACTU secretary David Oliver says. The Twitter feeds lit up with indignation last … Continue reading Farewell to the “Fair Go” in the age of Trump and the Internet?

Vale Ian Birks

Ian Birks was a rarity in our industry as he truly lived an ethos of collaboration. As an association leader he understood the value of working together to achieve a common purpose. It was his leadership of ASR and AIIA and as Chair of various entities that brought together often competing interests across industry, research … Continue reading Vale Ian Birks

Plans for 2015

It may be summer holidays but the team at Australia 3.0 are already planning activities for 2015. The Government Services and eHealth Streams and organising a February Workshop in Sydney to get the year underway. Background Australia 3.0 is an annual set of events, which seeks to develop new solutions for complex issues critical to Australia’s development … Continue reading Plans for 2015

A3.0 Government Services Program for 2014

A3.0 Government Services Program for 2014Objective: establish a collaborative forum of stakeholders committed to identifying sustainable new approaches to public service innovation through a Government Services Innovation Hub connecting digital, data and democracy.2 days of focused collaboration to empathise, ideate, prototype and test lead by Abul Rizvi and Ian Oppermann. Facilitators Abul RizviFormer Deputy Secretary, Digital Economy, … Continue reading A3.0 Government Services Program for 2014