What is Australia 3.0?


The focus for Australia 3.0 is on developing innovative ideas that harnesses technology to help industries adapt to a changing competitive environment. We work in partnership with industry leaders to identify challenges and catalyse ideas to create collaborative actions that benefit those industries.


Australia 3.0 addresses Australia’s critical challenges through the practical application of information and communications technology (ICT). ICT is the enabling factor that underpins all efforts in improving national productivity and growing the Australian economy. Australia 3.0 applies the capabilities of Australia’s ICT industry in a practical fashion to solve the challenges facing key industry sectors.

For Australia to maintain its global competitiveness, and thereby create the high-value jobs of the future, we must be a leader in the creation and adoption of innovative, high-productivity solutions for key economic, societal and environmental challenges.

Harnessing our national capabilities to sustain and improve our standard of living will necessarily involve exploiting new technologies. The Australia 3.0 process is part of the ecosystem to ensure that we can make the step change that is required to prosper in the 21st century.


A3.0 Process 2014Australia 3.0 will drive the innovation agenda by bringing together stakeholders to classify challenges through a virtual roundtable conducted over a two-month period. In August a two-day forum will be conducted to catalyse ideas, including collaborative action such as hackathons and open innovation sessions. The goal is to create a continuous dialogue between the ICT sector and industryto continue the work forged on common goals and the shared commitment to improve Australia’s future.


Australia calls for participants from across business, research, policy and practice to become involved. The ICT sector is taking a leadership role in constructive efforts to exploit technology for all aspects of the economy, but can only do so effectively when aligned with the needs of the industries that it services. We seek the participation of industries leaders, and call on them to bring a business challenge, provide a data set, pose a conundrum or sponsor a prize to address Australia’s opportunities.


The four key sectors examined by Australia 3.0 have been selected on the basis of providing the basis for generating substantive economic gain. These are government services; health; mining and infrastructure. Our focus on these four sectors builds on dialogue from previous years but brings a new approach to moving ideas into action utilising open innovation.

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