2014 Infrastructure

A3.0 Infrastructure

Infrastructure – all those roads, bridges, airports and more – how to use them better, build them better and fund them is one of the hottest topics today.  The G20 identified it as a $40 trillion dollar opportunity.

At the same time we are getting cheaper sensors of all kinds that are easy to network, most people have smartphones, and governments are making more datasets available than ever before.  It’s now easier than ever to build solutions to help people and businesses get more out of infrastructure – just think of all the amazing services now available in transport: GoCatch, founded in Melbourne, or Uber and the rich apps for public transport.  These services wouldn’t be possible without the technology to geo-track taxis and public transport and plot them on maps.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are an increasingly important example of this smarter infrastructure and in 2016 Melbourne is hosting the Global ITS Congress, so developing a national consciousness of the event in an important role for Australia 3.0.

Against this backdrop, Australia 3.0, is holding a hackfest themed on infrastructure and transport. Developers are invited to come and play with the datasets that the Victorian government and commercial players are making available (check out a few at data.vic.gov.au, with more to come). A meetup group will be set up for registrations in July.

The event has the support senior decision-makers with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the transport and infrastructure space who are keen to work with developers on resolving some of the burning issues in transport and running our cities and to help us invent the services of the future.

Australia 3.0 Infrastructure Stream Leader
Dean Economou

Register your interest to participate in Australia 3.0 and identify your area of interest via the Get Involved form

Register for the Virtual Roundtable via register@australia30.com.au

2014 Infrastructure Stream Partners

     NictaITS Aust  SIBA logo datavic  


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