2014 Health

Australia30 health

Future health systems will be influenced by a number of factors outside the control of health system leaders. Recent research identified six critical uncertainties that might significantly reshape the context in which health systems form and operate in were identified:

  • Attitudes towards solidarity
  • Origins of governance
  • Organization of the health innovation system
  • Access to health information
  • Influence over lifestyles
  • Health culture

This year’s Australia 3.0 Health stream will focus on the organization of the health innovation system within the country and do so from alignment with the key related uncertainties listed above.  Industry leaders acknowledge that we need to discuss the Attitudes and Access to individual data, that governance is changing to be more aligned to local needs and that there is and will continue to be a growing gap between those that take control of their healthy living and those that do not.

The question posed is how do we bring together in a ‘Collaboration Model’ the various industry groups so that we are able to create a ‘Australia Book’ of innovation and engage the operational side of the industry on how we maintain a dialogue of innovation from within and from outside. Can we create a ‘Health Innovation Hub’ as an industry driven capability?

Australia 3.0 Health Stream Leader
Denis Tebbutt

Register your interest to participate in Australia 3.0 and identify your area of interest via the Get Involved form

Register for the Virtual Roundtable via register@australia30.com.au



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