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Australia30 gov 2014


Capitalising on Australia’s “data opportunity’ is the focus of the Government Services stream at Australia 3.0 in 2014. Run as an ‘ideation’ session for a thoughtful dialogue on the future role of technology in driving better Government service delivery outcomes by use of Big Data Analytics and Open Data analysis. Related underpinning issues such as skills of the future, privacy concerns and security dimensions will also be covered. A series of questions will be posed in this dialogue, starting with:

  1. What is the role of Government?
  2. What are the Major Challenges to be addressed to drive productivity in Government Services delivery?
  3. Government ICT Policy – What are the limiting factors on Engagement and Open Government?
  4. What limits opening up Government Data?
  5. What is the role of publically funded innovation in terms of driving Productivity?
  6. What are the workforce and skills challenges that need to be solved in achieving improved Government service delivery?

Despite calls from both Federal and State Ministers, Australia appears to be relatively slow to “open up” data sets, falling behind the USA and the UK. Likewise policies encouraging innovation, funding research and incentives for entrepreneurs are very important in developing a more sophisticated economic base. Finally with a move to greater focus on digital delivery of Government services, there are a series of workforce and skill challenges that need to be addressed. These changes all require us to adapt traditional decision-making to a more open, interactive environment.

Australia 3.0 Government Services Stream Leaders

Ian Birks ian.birks@skrib.net
Ian Oppermann ian.oppermann@sirca.org.au

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