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A30 Policy Challenge

How Does a ‘WICKED’ Policy Challenge or DIRECTED HACK work?

The Wicked Policy Challenge is intended to take the best of the creativity unleashed by a traditional hack-a-thon and direct it toward a real world problem of greater complexity than can be addressed in a single intense session. The Australia 3.0 approach is to work with teams to work in sprints to address the client problem to deliver a rapid result with real outcomes.

Kicking off with Round 0 we work with our sponsor agencies to refine the problem space, around the ‘wicked’ policy challenge. As preparation for the Round 1, the ideation teams will get to explore these areas of strategic importance and identify problems that can be addressed through Design Thinking techniques.  Ideation teams still get to explore areas they find interesting, and we will ensure they are also important to Australia.

The ideal starting team is small with a range of experiences across members.  Each Round runs for a single day and is separated by approximately 2 weeks. After each Round, we will work with client agencies to pick winners (and runners up) and then down select until only 2 ideation teams remain. At each down selection stage, ideation teams are asked to reform, so in Round 2, there are 3 ideation teams of 4, and in Round 3, there are two ideation teams of 6. The final Round 4 is when the solution of the winning team and the runner-up team get to pitch their approach to the client agency.

The final round will see the winning team (and runner-up) workshop their solution with senior members of government procurement staff with the goal of ensuring the solutions are ultimately able to operate in a real world environment.

The winning team will also have the opportunity to present their solution at a major Australia 3.0 panel session event associated with the ACS REIMAGINATION Summit in Sydney at the end of the year.


Examples of the Australia 3.0 Wicked Policy Challenges for 2016

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