The Process

Australia 3.0 is an open collaborative process, encouraging debate and discussion with peak activity in the lead up to the annual forum. The goal is to create a continuous dialogue between the ICT sector and industry to continue the work forged on common goals and the shared commitment to improving Australia’s future.

A3.0 Process lge

Australia 3.0 will drive the innovation agenda by bringing together stakeholders to classify challenges through a virtual roundtable conducted over a two-month period. Culminating in an annual forum to catalyse ideas into collaborative action such as hackathons and open innovation sessions.

Potential outcomes:

  • Proposals for initiatives
  • New partnerships
  • Proof of concept or prototypes
  • Communiqués


Australia 3.0 is a year-long program of events from virtual roundtables, to hacks and meetups and the annual forum.

Register your interest to participate in Australia 3.0 and identify your area of interest via the Get Involved form

Join In Participants will be invited to join an online Virtual Roundtable, mediated and catalysed by digital media experts.

Select your focus Australia 3.0 is organised into groups around the focus streams and all participants are welcome to contribute to one or more that interest them.

Attend activities in capital cities throughout the year from workshops, forums and small meetings focused on the streams that interest you. Consider attending the A3.0 Forum the national event that culminates the year’s program.

Contribute your ideas, share knowledge, invoke discussion and debate the hot topics. Propose an initiative and collaborate with others to create new solutions.

Review results from the Virtual Roundtable will be collated annually for presentation at the Australia 3.0 Forum.

Contact us to get involved

Wayne Fitzsimmons Australia 3.0 Chair

Kelly Hutchinson Australia 3.0 Program Manager 0403803543

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